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Plant Based | Probiotic | Enzyme Powered | Natural Cleaners. 

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  • Powered by Plants, Enzymes and Probiotics
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Plant Based Formula - Grey water can be used in gardening
  • Skin Safe, Pet Safe and Free from nasty toxins
  • Premium Fragrances that are certified Allergen Free

     Contents in the Kit: Laundry Liquid (1L), Floor Cleaner (500ml), Dish Wash liquid (500ml), All Purpose spray (500ml), Toilet Cleaner (500ml) 


    Dr.Octo is a Plastic Neutral Brand. By choosing Dr.Octo, you are reducing your plastic footprint. We recycle as much as we produce.

    Dr.Octo a Plastic Neutral Brand


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    Here's the best all purpose cleaner spray, detergent and dish wash liquid for your bathroom, kitchen & toilet. Get the best deal, buy online now in India.

    Probiotics are 'Good' Bacteria that work in tandem with the enzymes. Good bacteria 'eat' the organic waste and soil in the stains and surfaces like floors. They digest and eliminate the waste particles that have been catalyzed by Bio enzymes.

    Plant based Surfactants

    Plant based surfactants or Surface Acting Agents are derived from rich sources like Coconut. Derived from 100% natural sources. Safe for you and Planet Earth. They form lather and foam to gently wick away dirt and grime.

    IFRA Certified Fragrance

    We only use fragrances that are safe and free from allergens. Sourced from a list of certified suppliers.

    Food Grade Colors

    Food grade colors are used for ease in identifying the product and as a safety measure. We avoid harmful optical brighteners

    Citrus Solvents

    Extracted from citrus peels, they help in removing grease. Used as a replacement for petroleum and synthetic compounds

    Is it effective?

     01. Are Dr.Octo products effective at cleaning?

    - Yes, all our products have been tested to remove stains and dirt on different types of surfaces and grime. Just like a hand wash kills germs with soap, Plant Based  surfactants in Dr.Octo cleaners effectively remove stains and germs.

    Different problems need different solutions. So our products are uniquely designed to address specific problems.

    Toilet Cleaner - Mix of Probiotics and Surfactants works as a team. The Probiotics continue to clean on the bowl and below the surface long after use.

    Laundry Cleaner - Multi Enzyme Blend in the formula works to break down Dirt, Oil and Sweat odors in your clothes. Gently removing it through the wash cycle, without being rough on the clothes.

    Dishwash Liquid - Citrus solvents from Orange Peels are extracted and put to work against Oil and Grease. Working with plant based surfactants, they effectively remove food and food smells from dishes.

    Floor Cleaner - Probiotics and Multi Enzyme blends are mixed in with plant based surfactants to clean different types of floors effectively. Removing dust, grime and soil stains.

    All Purpose Cleaner - Citrus solvents in a color free formula makes this an ideal and versatile cleaner for tables, counter tops and kitchen hobs. The citrus solvents effectively break down oil and grease to remove fingerprint stains and dusty marks

    03. Are the products safe?

    Dr.Octo products contain '0 Harmful Chemicals' and have been tested in an independent laboratory to ensure the same.

    Certified Bio-DegradableNo Phthalates, Parabens and Phosphates

    No Bleach or Hydrochloric acid

    No Optical Brighteners and Harsh fragrance compounds

    Skin safe, Allergen free fragrances that are certified by IFRA - An international body for certifying safety of fragrances

    All our products contain a unique and gentle fragrance blend

    In many products, you will get a citrus note as the active ingredient is derived from orange peels - Eg: Dishwash and All purpose cleaners

    In our Laundry, Toilet and Floor cleaners we have selected a blend of premium floral fragrances like Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Geranium and Lavender

    We are making our products available across India.

    You can order from our website www.drocto.in. In some exceptional cases, we may not be able to serve some geographies as we do not have partner coverage.

    Rest assured that we are constantly working to reach every house in India. We will also be available through select platforms and retail stores in select cities. Please do subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated. We are currently building a subscription model that allows all our customers the flexibility and value they seek.

    As soon as we launch, you will be the first to know. Until then, you can order our Smarter Kit and enjoy discounts of more than 40% OFF on all purchases. No questions asked.

    Dr. Octo Promises...
    0% Toxins

    All our products are non corrosive and free from toxins. We promise 0% nasties like Pthalates, Ca...Know More

    0% Pollution

    Dr.Octo products are 100% Biodegradable. We conducted Bio assay tests in independent labs to ensu...Know More

    0% Plastic

    We will be Plastic neutral from Day 1. For every single bottle of plastic we use, we will ensure ...Know More

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    Dr.Octo - Smarter Kit of 5

    ₹1,795.00 ₹999.00